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Why choose Southern Oak Custom Homes to build your next home?

White brick home with dark shingle roof set in a green pasture.
Timber Hills Home

Building a new home can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it can also be overwhelming, stressful, and scary. Choosing a builder to trust your project to and hope that they will deliver on all of their promises is terrifying for lots of people. Not only does a builder need to deliver on their word, but a builder also has to interpret the (sometimes moving) desires of the homeowner. A builder has to be able to listen and receive the desires of the homeowner and also communicate their capacities and the true realities within a given budget. Among the thousands of talking points that involve builder selection, we like to simplify and present three reasons why you should choose Southern Oak Custom Homes as your builder.

1. Choose a builder who provides a simple and organized build process.

2. Choose a builder who prioritizes great communication.

3. Choose a builder with a proven track record of success and who will respect both your budget and timeline.

Southern Oak Custom Homes checks all of these boxes and more, making us a great choice for homeowners who are ready to build their next home.

1. A Simple & Organized Build Process

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Southern Oak Custom Homes is our simple build process. We provide comprehensive service from beginning to end that takes care of everything. We have in-house design help and draftsman to reduce wait times and friction between edits and evolution to your design, which ensures a smooth and streamlined process. Whether you have finalized plans or vague ideas scattered across images in your mind, we can solidify your plans efficiently with your specific budget in mind and not lose months and months in the process.

Kitchen island and empty living room in a completed new home.
Open Concept Kitchen & Living Room

At Southern Oak Custom Homes we aim to maintain a selection process that is simple and not overwhelming, making it easy for homeowners to make the choices you need to without feeling burdened or falling into paralysis. With punctuality as a top priority, we will present you with a steady stream of few decisions at a time. Never should you feel overwhelmed by the vastness and scale of your project and never should you feel forgotten and that your project is not progressing.

By working at a steady pace, each stage of the build can be enjoyable and progress undeniable. We believe in steady smooth builds with few mistakes rather than hot-and-cold builds that seem to explode with progress and then fall dormant.

2. Great Communication

Another key benefit of choosing Southern Oak Custom Homes is our dedication to great communication and transparency. Communication is essential for a successful build experience, and it's something that the construction industry has historically struggled to prioritize. If nothing else – we promise to answer our phones and prioritize communication between all involved parties in your build: Sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers, homeowners, etc.

Two guys talking and recording a podcast. Three cameras are set on tripods and two microphones are set on arms.
The Walkthrough Podcast

As the foundation of our communication processes we provide an easy-to-see build schedule and biweekly reports and updates. By providing a transparent build-schedule we hold ourselves accountable to homeowners with regard to what is actually scheduled and how quickly we anticipate moving forward to the next stage. Bi-weekly our homeowners receive templated communication recapping progress made on the build and forecasting what is to come. (Through these communications home-owners are presented with digestible information and selection requests.)

We use a construction management software "Contractor Foreman" to help facility

communication and note taking throughout the build. This means that everything you need to know and see about your project will be in one place, making it easier for you to keep track of progress and stay informed throughout the build process. Homeowner desires and edits to the project throughout the process will not be lost or forgotten. Photos, file uploads, change orders, and all other communication will be in one place to help facilitate two way accountability and clear consistent communication

3. History that provides a better build experience

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose us as your builder is our experience in the construction industry. With over twenty years of experience working on thousands of projects as a framing subcontractor, we understand the weight of trust that homeowners place into the hands of their builder. We’ve seen projects gone well and projects that resembled dumpster-fires. Your home will not be our first home and we will not be “shooting from the hip”. Trust of the homeowner brings great responsibility to respect and honor the budget and timeline of the project. It is the job of the builder to clearly establish proper expectations for the build and to deliver on their word.

We have an established network of relationships within the local building and construction industry, making it easier for us to coordinate and operate in flow. Our respect for everyone involved in the building of your home fosters our ability and capacity to deliver homes efficiently, without compromising on quality or exceeding the budget. Truly, the construction industry functions on the ability to work well and problem solve with others: Southern Oak Custom Homes has this ability and will deliver to you the house described on day one of pushing dirt around your homesite.


Southern Oak Custom Homes is a great choice for homeowners who are ready to build. We provide a simple build process, prioritize great communication, and have a proven track record of success. Should you choose us as your builder, not only will we build you a great home, but we also endeavor to offer you a better build experience along the way.

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