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Select A Floor Plan

While there are thousands – if not millions – of available floor plans ready to purchase online, scrolling and scrolling in search of “the home” isn’t the experience that everyone wants. At Southern Oak Custom Homes we are thrilled to help you build whatever your dream home is whether you know what it looks like or not. Bring us existing plans and working blueprints, or bring us the napkin you drew on last night. Together we can find or create a home design that makes you jump with excitement. 


We are happy to meet with homeowners to brainstorm and discuss floor plan ideas that fit within a given budget and explore your ideas and desires. Our in-house draftsman removes time delays and increases our ability to create tangible drawings that bring to life vague ideas and concepts.

Options for Choosing Your Floor Plan:
1) Bring your own floor plan and designs. 

We are happy to build from your existing set of construction-ready drawings. 


We are happy to take your rough drawings and finalize them into a set of working plans that are field-ready down to the last detail. This service comes at no out-of-pocket expense and is included within the cost of your build.

2) Make edits to an existing set of plans.

Maybe you have a set of plans of which you like 70%-90% but really want to change and alter the last 10%-30%... We can help! It is an amazing thing to have a clear vision of what you want to build and what changes you would like to see. Our draftsman can edit your drawings while keeping your budget in mind and prepare for you a working set of drawings for a new custom home exactly like you want it. 

This service comes at no out-of-pocket expense and is included within the cost of your build. If you choose not to build, we will simply bill you an hourly rate and give you the new custom drawings that you designed.

3) Start from scratch - design a completely brand new custom floor plan.

If what you want is a completely bespoke and personalized experience, we are happy to deliver. This option can be the most time-consuming of the three options and is completely tailored to your desired experience. We will start with broad discussions concerning your lifestyle and your daily patterns and attempt to bring to the surface every tiny design detail that will create your dream home.

4) Choose a floor plan from a catalog.

We can help you scroll and filter through thousands of floor plans to find a plan that you love. We will purchase the plans of your choosing and build it as desired at zero additional cost to you. Plans purchased from the link below are included within the cost of the build.  

Different homeowners desire different build experiences and Southern Oak Custom Homes endeavors to serve your individual desires

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