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Front Elevation of Timber Hills Home Project

Homeowner Login

Assuming that constructing a high quality home is the baseline expectation, we believe that communication is the single most important factor in executing our mission to provide a better build experience for all homeowners. We have chosen the construction management software “Contractor Foreman” as one of the foundational elements in delivering this better experience. 


At Southern Oak Custom Homes we use Contractor Foreman (CF) to give access to homeowners “behind the veil” of the job site. Through CF homeowners are able to view construction calendars and know when different subcontractors are scheduled to be on site and what objectives they will be working on. Builder notes, photos, and updates will be communicated through the app, and all paperwork will be executed through the app as well during the build process.

Change orders to the original scope of work, finish selections, and job modifications are all completed through the app in an effort to create consistent transparency and accountability for everyone involved with the build.  


While it is easy for homeowners to be excited about their new custom build at the beginning of the journey, we believe it to be our responsibility to deliver to our customers a build experience that allows joy and excitement from first contact well beyond move-in day. 

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